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Bring your sourcing challenges and work hands-on with the hottest technology companies and their products. We bring you a wide gamut of companies and their solutions, to take a test-drive and ask all your questions.  Come by and find out which products fit you and your company!

Tuesday 3:00pm – 5:30pm (15:00-17:30)
Wednesday  11:00am – 1:30pm (11:00 – 13:30) makes video games that help companies identify candidates with the right on-the-job abilities for any position. Our games are fun to play and deliver impressive results. Companies using Benchmarked have new hires that are 4x more likely to be high performers. No more guesswork based on resumes alone.

Data Miner is a chrome extension that lets you scrape any page on the web and save the results in a nice clean excel file. Many recruiters and sources love using it when just copy and pasting pages into excel is a nightmare.

GlossaryTech is a free online tool kit for tech recruiters and sourcers containing: GlossaryTech – online glossary of tech terms with a built-in search option. CV Scanner – tech resume analysis tool, that finds technology terms listed on any resume, classifies them and provides their easy-to-understand definitions. Bull Sessions with Tech Recruiters – recruiting hacks from global IT hunters. GlossaryTech for LinkedIn – a chrome extension (coming soon). At SourceCon we’re hoping to announce our new CV Scanner feature, and of course to get as much feedback as possible.

This is a process about understanding a candidate in the right way to make that connect with a candidate that gives me the right start to pitch in the job opportunity in the following conversations. So where do we gather all this information from. This is where I created a list of tools and techniques to get it.

Workable is all-in-one recruiting software, trusted by over 6000 companies to streamline their hiring. Providing tools to manage multiple hiring pipelines, from job advertising and candidate sourcing through to structured interviews and evaluations. Trackable team communication, organized candidate profiles and a full reporting suite give companies the information they need to make the best hires.