WE Are Family

SourceCon Budapest is like a family reunion of brothers and sisters you never knew you had. We mix work and play with fun and engaging activities like test driving the latest tech in the innovation labs or honing and testing your skills against your peers in the after-hours hackathon. In the keynotes and breakouts, you’ll discover new, faster, and easier, ways of finding and engaging with the best candidates. Enjoy the networking events and after hour parties where you will meet your peers, uncover creative ideas, and get inspired. Don’t forget the amazing tech and service companies who make this all possible; stay competitive and learn about all the new and innovative solutions that can make you a sourcing Rock Star.


Diddle for fun or seriously crunch some code in the mad science sourcing lab. Then unleash your bit and binary skillz at the after-hours competition. Laptops are required; superhero costumes, optional.


Meet like-minded and passionate sourcing professionals at SourceCon Happy Hour.


There are no "cool" kids at SourceCon; everyone wants to drop knowledge, whether it is in a session or just chatting with a Grandmaster champ.


Geek out and demo the hottest sourcing technology in our Innovation Labs.


Jump aboard the Welcome Wagon and meet THE most talented sourcers in our industry.


After attending SourceCon, you'll be so powerful that when you simply think the word "Boolean," your competitors will quiver in fear.

Featured Speakers

Kerstin Wagner
Head of Talent Acquisition
Deutsche Bahn AG

Maisha Cannon
Global Sourcing Leader
Procore Technologies

Shane McCusker
CEO / Co-Founder
Intelligence Software Ltd.